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Ricky, Jr.  (a.k.a. Little Ricky)

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 The Ricky Jr. doll was designed after Lucy and Desi of "I Love Lucy" show had their own baby boy.  There were a few different versions of the doll made from 1952 - 1956.  This is the large 21" popular baby version with his signature name, "Ricky Jr." embroidered on his belt.  This large baby also came in a rooted-hair version in the same outfit.


This is the end of the box that the doll came in, showing Lucy and Desi.


This is the 1954, 17" toddler version of Ricky, Jr. in his cute all original "chick" print romper.  He too has his name embroidered on his shirt.

This same print was used by Vogue for a Ginny dress in the same year (in case it looks familiar to you).

 The very first version was simply known as the "I Love Lucy Baby" doll (sorry, no photo).  The doll was a drink & wet doll with a rubber body and hard plastic head, very similar to their popular Tiny Tears.

Another version was made with a flexible bendable leg in 1955.  He wore long corduroy overalls with his name embroidered on the front. (sorry no photo of that one either)


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