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American Character Toodles Toddler and Baby Toodles

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Toodles, though not as popular as Tiny Tears, was another one of American Character's good sellers in the late 50s, early 60s.  They were actually marketed as "Toodles: The Action Doll" in 1955, and were considered a deluxe, high quality doll, and rather expensive.  Their special feature was their extra joints at the elbows and knees which allowed them to be posed in several positions.  She could sit, kneel, put her hands together as if to pray or play with toys, and could play with her fingers and toes.

 Most often they were sold in a romper, but some had fancy nylon dresses.  The above Toodles' blue, flocked, nylon dress appears to be original, as do her shoes and socks.
She is a drink/wet doll.



This Toodles is redressed but I wanted to include her to show this brunette variation. 


Baby Toodles



In 1960 American Character introduced the Baby Toodles.  She is a large 23" baby doll, made of heavy vinyl.   This doll does not have the multi-jointed limbs, and may be what is referred to as having the Magi-foam body.  She has a squeaker button on her back.  Her unique feature is in her darling Peek-a-Boo, flirty eyes and VERY long curly lashes.  She also has beautifully detailed fingers and toes which are typical of many of American Character vinyl dolls.  I have not found reference to this coat and matching bonnet, but it fits her very well.  It is how I found her.  I once saw a large Sweet Sue, in a totally different location from this girl,  wearing a coat/dress of the exact same material.  Hummm, I wonder?   I added the vintage rubber shoes.



I also have an example of the larger, 30" Little Girl Toodles made in the early 60s. She can be found in the 60s era.




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