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Various Advertisements Featuring Our Favorite Vintage Dolls

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Dolls, dolls, dolls.  As you can probably tell, if you have had the opportunity to visit through my web pages, that I LOVE a variety of dolls.  To enhance any collection, it is fun to find other items that relate to your favorite doll such as accessories, magazine articles, lunchboxes, games, and my favorite, actual advertisements featuring dolls.   In my research, and collecting over the years, I have come across several and thought that I'd share them with my visitors.  Obviously in an effort to save space and make download time quicker, I have made the images smaller than actual size.  These ads are for enjoyment, research, and informational purposes only, in order to assist visitors with documentation on our favorite vintage dolls.  Please do not ask me to copy the ads.  

Some of these original ads, in their actual size, may be available for sale in my doll shoppe.
You can check by clicking here.  

1925 Ideal Miss Rosy-Cheeks Mama Doll

1966 Mattel 
Tearful Cheerful
1980 Fisher Price
(introducing Baby Soft Sounds)

1981 American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake

1950s American Character Lucy Baby and Ricky, Jr.

1919  Unidentified jointed antique doll

1969 Mattel Dancerina

1978 Knickerbocker 
Holly Hobbie and Raggedy Ann & Andy

1970 Mattel Baby Tenderlove

70s Breck Shampoo Ad featuring Brooke Shields with her mother's vintage doll

1969 Shindana Baby Nancy

1971 Mattel Baby Tenderlove Dolls


1957 Yardley  Powder
Madame Alexander Cissy


1951 Bell Telephone
Christmas toy campaign

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As mentioned above, the ads here are for informational purposes only.  
Click here to see what might be available in Kaylee's Korner Doll Shoppe.

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