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Vogue's Ginnette
Ginny's Little Sister

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After Ginny's popularity soared in the mid fifties, the Vogue Doll Company introduced her little sister, Ginnette.  She too came with lots of separate outfits, accessories, and a furniture line.  Though she was called Ginny's little sister, she was not made proportionate to Ginny, but was made about the same size.   Little girls did not seem to mind this discrepancy and it probably made it easier for them to dress the doll. 

The early Ginnette's had painted eyes, this one is a molded lash sleep eye from around 1957.  She drinks and wets and has the word Vogue stamped into her lower back, to the side above her "left cheek."

  Another popular style of outfit for Ginnette was a romper.  

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