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Variations in Ginny's World

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~*~ The Many Faces of Ginny ~*~

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1947-PE Compo 1950-PE HP Red
1950-PE Peach #
1951-Transitional Root Beer 1952-Transitional
ginnyface.JPG (19061 bytes) gin56mlwface.JPG (17530 bytes) 56palelash.JPG (19653 bytes)
1951-52 Trans. Tri-Colored Eye 1953-PL Strg 1954-PLW 1955-MLW 1956-MLW Pale#
ginbkwface.JPG (15372 bytes) impface.JPG (19119 bytes) ginbkwface2.JPG (16437 bytes) freckface.JPG (17298 bytes) blufreckcl125.JPG (16474 bytes)
1957-BKW 1960-Wee Imp 1960-62 BKW 1961-62 Freckles# 1962 Rare Blue Eyed Freckles#
vhpface.JPG (18663 bytes) hkginface.JPG (17669 bytes) skinlesnface.JPG (19637 bytes) pelesnfat.JPG (20251 bytes)
1963-VHP 1966-USA 1972-HongKong 1976 Lesney# 1977 Lesney#
sasoonginface.JPG (20808 bytes) intlginface.JPG (22447 bytes) meritface.JPG (20571 bytes) porcelface.JPG (17800 bytes)
1981-Sassoon 1982-Int'l/Brides# 1984-Mertitus 1984-Porcelain Meritus 1984 - Porcelain Dakin LE#
~*~ dakinvface.JPG (19402 bytes) dakhpface.JPG (18026 bytes) newvogface.JPG (19211 bytes) ~*~
  1988-DakinVinyl# 1993-Dakin-HP Vogue (1995-Current)  

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There were several variations in Ginny's face throughout the many decades she has been in production.  The above is a good representation of her variety but by no means is a complete collection of all the variations.  It is meant as a quick reference and to help the novice collector visualize the terms used to describe Ginnys.  I am missing some of the earlier transitional dolls with the pale coloring and/or the eyes that have turned red.   I will add more as my collection grows. 

1950 Painted Eye:  The Painted Eye versions came with either very red lips or the more common peachy colored lips. 
1951-53 Transitionals
: In the early 50s Vogue Dolls experimented with various eye and face colors.  Most had hand painted lashes (not stencil)  There is one face that has very pale coloring which is very attractive (and usually very expensive since they are rather rare).   During this time period there were some dolls who's sleep
eyes have turned an odd red color.  One example  is shown.   The '52 Transitional has very dark two-toned eyes while the next, has Tri-colored eyes (blue with a smaller ring around the pupil of brown).
1956 MLW-Pale:The darker lashes were more predominant but I have seen a few with these rather transparent brown lashes.  I am not 100% sure but I do not think that the black color has just rubbed off, otherwise, I think that we would see more of them since they were a very played with doll.  I think these were made differently.  It is not necessarily a very attractive look; makes Ginny look a little bit sleepy. 
1961-62 Freckles: These were actually surplus Wee Imp heads used with various hair color wigs. This is a poor example as her freckles have almost disappeared and her eyebrows are virtually gone. These dolls are rare.
1962 Blue-eyed Freckled Ginny: May be very rare. Could possibly be left over Wee Imp head that blue eyes were used after green eyes ran out.  I'm guessing she was made after the green-eyed freckles w/blond, brunette, or auburn haired dolls. (This is my assumption, I currently have no documentation on this.)
1976 Lesney:  Most often referred to as the "Skinny Ginny".
1977 Lesney: This "plump" Ginny used on the Far Away Lands series. Made concurrently with Skinny Ginny.
1982 Far Away Lands/International Brides: Still made by Lesney, discontinued "plump" mold.
1984 Dakin Porcelain: The box states 1984 but these dolls may have been released later (I'm still checking on this).  There were a limited number made and each doll is numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

1988 Dakin Vinyl: Early Dakin were both vinyl and hard vinyl (like hard plastic).   By 1993 all Ginnys by Dakin were hard vinyl.
1995-Current:  The new Vogue Ginny Dolls being produced today are extremely high quality with exquisitely crafted costumes.  There are several series', of which some are now starting to be retired.


Ginny America's Sweetheart, by A. Glenn Mandeville
The Vogue Doll Encyclopedia, by Judith Izen and Carol Stover
That Doll, Ginny by Jeanne DuChateau Niswonger (out of print)
The Vogue Doll Family, by Jeanne DuChateau Niswonger (out of print)
Vogue Ginny Dolls, Though the Years With Ginny, by Patricia Smith (out of print)
The Ginny Doll Encyclopedia, by Sue Nettleingham Roberts & Dorothy Bunker

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