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Some of Ginny's
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PMA-Pam Alexander-kin Betsy McCall Petite Cheri Ginger

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Mme. Alexander Maggie Mix-Up Virga-Lucy  Virga-Lollipop  Muffie  


The 8" play dolls, with multiple, changeable outfits were very popular dolls during the height of Ginny's popularity in the 1950s.  Both Madame Alexander, with her Alexander-kins (Wendy Ann) and Nancy Ann Storybook, with Muffie, were strong competitors, as well as Betsy McCall.  Some can command prices on the secondary market near equal to Ginny dolls.  Some of these dolls were available for several years, and like Ginny, experienced subtle changes in their appearance (for example, the Muffie I show has both painted lashes and molded lashes which was a later 50s version.  Early Muffie dolls did not have the molded lashes and some did not even have eyebrows).

There were several lesser known companies who captured a portion of the market by producing less expensive dolls.  Many were actually purchased from the same manufacturer, then dressed and boxed by different companies.   Often the differences are in their body styles and feet, and the type of arm hook they have.
The variations in some of them are so minor that it is next to impossible to tell the difference without the original clothing or box. 
All in all, these dolls have a charm of their own and can be a challenge to collect as well.

References: Many reference books on dolls of the 50s detail information about these dolls.  Some are listed on my bookshelf page as featured books.  There you can link to to order one or two for yourself!  

(Wendy) Alexander-kin

Betsy McCall


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