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Ideal's 1950s
Shirley Temple Dolls

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 Shirley Temple dolls were all the rage in the 30s when Ideal introduced their composition versions of Shirley Temple in various sizes.  Then 20 years later, they reintroduced her in a vinyl version and she instantly became popular again with a new generation of little girls.  These dolls were made of durable vinyl and their hair was rooted saran.  They too, like those before, came in several sizes.  Shown above are my recent acquisitions, a lovely 19" and a 15".  Unfortunately neither doll was found in original clothing, nor were they wearing appropriate attire.  Both have been redressed in outfits fitting of the era.





 This is the 15" version marked Ideal Doll/ST-15-N.  Unfortunately I found her in a tattered homemade dress so I redressed her in this more appropriate vintage style though it is not authentic.  There were several different outfits for Shirley during the 50s.


After all, who could resist those darling dimples!!! 

 This 19" is what is known as a "Twinkle Eyes" Shirley.  She has the flirty eyes that move from side to side.  She is marked Ideal Doll/ST-19 on both her head and torso.  I had this lovely nylon dress that is so like the ones that Ideal dressed their dolls in that as soon as I put it on her, I swear her eyes sparkled even more!  The dress is definitely factory made, however there are no tags, or remnants of any tags and I haven't been able to find this exact dress in any reference book.  So, I guess it will stay a mystery, but a definite fitting style for her nonetheless. 

Doesn't she make you just want to start singing, "On the good ship, Lollipop!"

 If you would like to see a couple 30s composition versions click here. 

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