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Little Miss No Name





She is just begging for love!


  I thought Poor Pitiful Pearl was pretty homely but I think that this doll is even more pitiful.  Her "name" is Little Miss No Name and she was marketed in 1965, by Hasbro Toys.  She is 15" tall and  was created by a famous doll designer, Deet D'Andrade.  Each doll came barefoot and dressed in a burlap sack-type dress with stitched on patches.  As far as I know this was the only outfit that she was sold wearing.   

Her hand was molded so that when extended, she appeared to be begging.  Her very large, sad eyes held lots of emotion as she shed a large plastic teardrop under her left eye.  

Close up shows the large plastic teardrop that was attached to her cheek.  Because it was merely glued on, the dolls are often found today with the teardrop missing.  
I have heard that replacement replica teardrops can sometimes be found on ebay.

This sad waif was somewhat popular during the mid-sixties, and remains so today, with collectors.





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