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Ginny Dolls from the 1960s

 D3-G-VHPvvhpfl.jpg (33197 bytes)

Vogue Ginny - Vinyl head, hard plastic body

Made for only 3 years (63-65), this cute Ginny  is hard to find today due to the fact that her popularity began to decline in the 60s.  She has a vinyl head with rooted hair, and the hard plastic body with the bending knees.  She is wearing a tagged dress, clean, no stains, from the 57-63 era. Couple minor problems. Click photo for more info.$125.00


American Character Dolls from the 1960s
Ideal Dolls from the 1960s

Cuddly Kissy

Made for only one year, 1965, this sweet baby doll is part of the Kissy doll family and is somewhat harder to find than her sisters.  She is a played with doll that appears to be wearing her original outfit though it is a bit soiled and wrinkled and there are no shoes.  She'll "kiss" you when you squeeze her tummy.  Doll is in overall good condition.  Looks like she has had some repair work (probably to fix the mechanics that operates the kiss).  Coloring is great. ~SOLD~

Newborn Thumbelina

Ideal marketed in this 9" doll in the later 60s and is called Newborn Thumbelina.  SHE NO LONGER WORKS.  Her pull string is missing but when I lay her on the table and push on her torso, I can hear the movement mechanism and her head slightly moves.   Do not know if she can be fixed or not.  She wears her original tagged clothing.  Has a small tear in body fabric near right shoulder.  Click photo for more details.~SOLD~

Mattel Dolls from the 1960s

D-M-BSWBaby Small WalkThis is an 11" doll that is similar to the Baby First Step dolls, but unfortunately I cannot get her to work.  She wears her original outfit and has great coloring.  Some paint chipping on shoes.  When I tip her upside down I hear some loose rattling.  I have no idea whether or not these dolls can be repaired.  She makes an excellent display doll.

Miscellaneous Dolls from the 1960s

D-HS-LMNNHasbro Little Miss No NameAn interesting 15" character doll made in 1965 by Hasbro.  She is Little Miss No Name and represents a poor orphaned child that is so sad, she has a little tear running down her cheek.  Her hand is in an outstretched pose as if she is begging.  I believe the doll is wearing her original burlap sack dress but has no panties.  Replaced hair ribbon.  Tear on cheek is intact.  These dolls did not come with shoes.  There is some discoloration to the vinyl of the cheek that does not have the tear on it.  Not sure why. Doll has some dirt on her, but it just adds to the charm!  ~SOLD~
D2-K-ANDYkrandy21fl.jpg (34076 bytes)Knickerbocker 21" Raggedy AndyHere is a wonderful 21" tagged Raggedy Andy in very nice condition.  Great coloring.  "Joy of a Toy" tag.$65.00
D3-Z-UJPjapanfl.jpg (31050 bytes)Unknown 9" Doll from JapanA funny little character doll, simply marked Japan, and diamond shaped symbol.  I've seen others, somewhat similar, in reference books. From around 1968.  Maybe these have a following?$12.00

More Raggedy's in 70s

Vogue Dolls From the 60s


VGBfl.jpg (38832 bytes)Vogue 16" Ginny Baby Vogue made the Ginny Baby throughout the 60s-80s in several sizes.  She is a drink/wet doll with rooted hair.  Dressed in an authentic tagged Ginny Baby dress from 1969. Clean but does have a few stains. $38.00


vipmAAfl.jpg (34242 bytes)

Vogue Li'l Loveable Imp

Hard to find Black version of Li'l Loveable Imp, made for only two years (64-65).  This 11" doll is in excellent minty condition with a beautiful tagged, original outfit.


D3-V-BD18 v18bdrfl.jpg (28034 bytes)Baby Dear - Larger 18" version A popular baby doll from the early 60s, this Vogue Baby Dear is just the sweetest.  She was designed by popular illustrator, Eloise Wilkin.  She is tagged on her neck. Outfit is an original Vogue Baby Dear p.j.s but is for the later model doll.  Overall in very nice condition. $235.00


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