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Ideal's Toni Doll

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Ideal's Toni doll was a very popular doll of the 50s because she came with a play wave kit for little girls to curl her hair into beautiful styles.   She had a very lovely face.  Some of the dolls seem to have a rounder face than others.  She came in many sizes with many difference hair color choices.   The doll is marked on its back with a "P-" and a number representing the size of the doll.  For instance, this is a P-90 which represents a 14" doll.   She is an early non-walker.  Several of the outfits were tagged, though it seems that many of them are found without tags.  The early Toni's had cloth center-snap style shoes, the later ones had the vinyl side-snap. 


Here is a very pretty strung brunette P-90 in an all original outfit, with her wrist hang tag.


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