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American Character - Whimsie
"Hedda Get Bedda"

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This is Hedda Get Bedda, made in 1961.  She is probably the most well know of the Whimsie series made by American Character in the early 1960s. She is a 3-faced doll who lets you know just how she is feeling by turning the knob on top of her bonnet.  The bonnet is made of plastic and is non-removable.  She has been redressed.  This is not her original outfit but she was sold in pajamas.  The Whimsie dolls are quite comical with silly names like Susie the Snoozie, Fanny the Fallen Angel, Tillie the Talker, and Dixie the Pixie, to name just a few.  These dolls were marketed to the pre-teens and teenagers who were getting "too old for baby dolls".  
Homely to some, endearing to others.


Here are Hedda's three different expressions.

A happy Hedda.  She is feeling fine.

Uh-oh!  Hedda is under the weather.  Could it possibly be the measles?

(The tiny hole you see in her mouth is wear a small thermometer once was.  This little accessory piece is very often missing since it could easily be knocked out of her mouth.)

Nightie-nite, Hedda.  Get some sleep and you will feel better in the morning.

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