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American Doll & Toy Corp. (a.k.a. American Character)
30" Little Girl Toodles
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  American Character changed their name in the early 60s to American Doll & Toy Corp.  She is marked as such on the back of her neck.  This version of Toodles is a child "life-sized" 30" tall.  I rescued this little girl from a dark and dingy second-hand shop where she was lying face down in an old wagon.  Unfortunately her hair had been cut but it still styles quite adorably in this little "bob".  She was dressed in this cute little pink knit dress that I thought might be original, but later learned from the tag, that it is actually a child's dress.  It fits her well and I'm sure her first mommy had fun dressing her in real clothes.  One of the unique features of these dolls are their amazing "follow me" eyes.  They are an  "intaglio" style which makes her appear that she is watching you from any angle that you look at her.  Quite unique!  



The above close up photos show how her unique eyes "follow" you.  I moved to photograph her from three different angles, the doll's position remained stationary.


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