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"Baby Come Back"

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This 16" mechanical toddler baby is quite a funny little doll introduced in 1976.  She has a very mischievous expression.  Most Mattel dolls seem to have blue eyes but this doll has brown.  She is wearing her original outfit and her plastic shoes and socks are actually attached to her legs and cannot be removed.  She walks much like the earlier Baby First Step, but she will walk a short distance then turn around and come back to you.   She starts and stops by lifting her arms.  She appears to be reaching for a hug.   For the longest time I didn't know who she was but I found a picture of her in an old Sears catalog photo when I was researching Crissy dolls.  Her photo was advertised on the same page.  There was a ten piece wardrobe set available for purchase separately.  She was also available in a black version.  I added the hair ribbon.  





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