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"Baby Beans"

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Bitty Beans Black Bitty Beans Cry Baby Beans

A darling floppy doll, made in the 1970s.  Mattel's Baby Beans came in many varieties.  A real challenge to collect them all! Click the link to see the different varieties I have concentrated on so far:
Regular Baby Beans
Itsy Bitsy Beans
Mama & Baby Beans
Bare Bottom Beans
Bean Puppets
Baby Beans & Pets
Storybook Beans
Canned Beans
Shoe Baby Beans
Tags and Variations
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Bedsie Beans


Talking Baby Beans

Booful Beans Biffy Beans Jeans Beans

Regular Beans    Itsy Bitsy     Mama & Baby     Bare Bottom     Bean Puppets   Beans & Pets    Storybook    Canned Beans     
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