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"The Beatles"

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(L-R)  Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and John Lennon

What young teenage girl of the 60s didn't have at least her FAVORITE Beatles doll!!  Of the above dolls, the Paul was my original, and Ringo belonged to my younger brother (lucky for me he lost interest).  Much, much later (last year to be exact), I added George and John to complete my collection.  Though these dolls were not so much of a play doll as they were a "statue", they definitely have a place in history as a collectible doll and collectible Beatlemania.  The most common to be found are Paul and Ringo, John is a bit harder, and I believe George is the hardest to find.

They were made of vinyl and each comes with their own instrument with their "autograph" in gold.  Because of their international popularity, they were marketed in other countries as well.  They are marked on the bottom of their feet, NEMS.  I believe that they were marketed here in the US exclusively by Remco.


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