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"Baby Face Dolls"

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Galoob certainly had a hit with these darling, very expressive, little girls in the early 1990s.  There were 36 in all, including "babies" known as bath tub babies, and each had her own personality.  It is no wonder that they have become very popular with collectors today as some are plentiful while others are very hard to find.  It  is a challenge to collect them all and there are even doll clubs devoted to them.   It is pretty easy to identify even nude dolls as they have a "#" marked on the back of their neck which corresponds to a specific face mold.  There were about 19 face molds made and with the help of their hair style and eye color, they can usually be identified.  There were African American, Hispanic, and Asian varieties as well.  I only have a few varieties to show as examples, as I have not gotten into collecting these dolls, but there are other websites with lots more information and photos for the avid Baby Face collector.  I have one listed on my "Links" page.  With names like So Sweet Sandi, So Innocent Cynthia, So Funny Natalie, So Playful Penny, So Happy Hannah and more,  it is no wonder that these dolls will melt your heart.

Some of the photos below (marked with an *) were shared with me by site visitor & friend Fran.  It is noted that some of the numbers shared a name depending on the year that they were made.  The faces were the same but the hair color or eye color and clothing was different.  As I mentioned above, check out Baby Face websites for more detailed information.



So Sweet Sandi #1


No photo
So Sweet Marcy #1

So Surprised Suzie #2

So Happy Heidi #3*

So Happy Mia #3





No Photo
So Loving Laura #4

So Funny Natalie #5

So Funny Natalie #5
African American


So Sorry Sarah #6*

No Photo
So Sorry Robyn #6

So Innocent Cynthia #7

So Innocent Charlene #7*



So Delightful Dee Dee #8

So Shy Sherry #9

So Shy Sheila #9

So Playful Penny #10

So Playful Beth #10*



#11 (not used)

#12 (not used)

#13 (not used)

No Photo

So Cute Carmen #14 or
So Tender Tina


No Photo

So Caring Karen #15


No Photo

So Silly Sally #16


No Photo

So Merri Kerri #17 or
So Excited Naomi #17

# 18 (not used)~*~*~#19 (not used)
The Bathtub Babies

So Happy Hannah #20*


No Photo

So Curious Cara #21



No Photo

So Bashful Abby #22

So Excited Becca #23*






So Sad Brooke #24*


I'll add more examples as I run into them.

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