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"Baby First Step"

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Baby First Step is a mechanical doll that walks and dances in place.  This was the first edition, introduced in 1965, and over the years there were variations, including talking ones.   She is 18" tall.  She is wearing her original pink party dress. The panties attach to the dress.  Her shoes are molded on permanently.  Her socks are cloth but cannot be removed.   I have seen these dolls both in reference books and catalogs as being sold with an accessory pair of red plastic roller skates.  My girl is missing the roller skates, however there is no mention on the box that they were included, so I'm not sure if all of the dolls came with them.



The original Baby First Step has a blunt cut pageboy with one side slightly longer than the other.  Her rooted hair has various shades of blond weaved through.  

This is the second issue Baby First Step wearing her original dress.  Dolls wearing this outfit began being marketed in 1967.  Catalogs show these dolls with a pink headband or ribbon in their hair as well, which mine is missing.  These dolls have the same face and body as the first issued doll, but with slightly longer hair.

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