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A Photo Gallery of
Special Childhood Memories of Our Dolls
A Moment in Time, Captured on Film ~*~*~
To be included in this gallery, please email me.

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It is so enjoyable to get a peek into the past by looking at old photos.  



 Though my daughter, April, holds Mickey Mouse in her lap, the little doll to the side became one of her best friends later on.  This little doll is Mattel's Love 'n Touch baby.  Christmas, 1980.




One of my visitors, Carla, wanted to share this very vintage picture of her "Nana" with us. This beautiful child is Anna at age 5, in 1899.  Carla said that Anna was a model for a photographer in New York. She has several old pictures of her, but only this one with a doll. Thank you, Carla for visiting my site and sharing this wonderful photo!



This grouping is a little running story of Tonya and her very favorite childhood doll.  Here she is in January of 1975 at 13 mos., after receiving her first Mattel's Jeans Beans doll.  It was instant love!  This was the first of several as she loved them to pieces! 

Though her mother bought her new ones to replaced the old and tattered one, Tonya preferred her much loved "baby".  If you look closely you can see that poor Jeans Beans has no hands. 

What sweet little angels..... zzzz...zzzz...zzzz

Out and about in the neighborhood, playing with friends, she took Jeans Beans everywhere.  This is probably one of the replaced ones as this one has hands.

What formal picture wouldn't be complete without her best friend by her side.  No photographer's prop dolly would do, no ma'am.  It had to be Jeans Beans of course! (12/77)

Tonya shared with me that on her first day of Kindergarten in 1979 she brought the doll to school with her.  When it was naptime, teacher told her she had to put the doll in her cubby but she "cheated" and slipped it under the mat because she couldn't sleep without it.



April peeks out of her playhouse window just long enough to pose for mom with her two favorite friends in 1981.  On the left is Raspberry Tart and on the right is Strawberry Shortcake.  These were the first of MANY Strawberry Shortcake dolls that she and her sister were to acquire over the 80s.  They provided hours and hours of play and we still have them today.



Janet is getting ready to demonstrate how her brand new Mattel Baby Small Walk works on Christmas day, 1969.  From the photo on the box it looks like Baby Small Walk takes rather large strides while in actuality she sort of shuffles along, similar to her larger cousins, Baby First Step and Baby Come Back.

Several months later Baby Small Walk is still Janet's best buddy.  Here Janet ingeniously crafted a dollhouse from empty boxes and a stapler.  Though the photo is small, it looks like a Uneeda Pee Wee doll (and possibly a Liddle Kiddle) are playing on the top floor. The strange little doll on the bottom floor is unknown.  Hey, Janet, is architectural school in your future?


This is Janet's sister Beth, in 1969, with her new Christmas dolly, Mattel's Drowsy pull string talking doll. Looks like this baby Drowsy will be well taken care of by her mommy.  Drowsy said many phrases such as "I'm sleepy,  I want a drink of water, and kiss me goodnight."

Nite, nite, Drowsy....zzz...zzz...zzz.



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Perhaps you have a treasured photo of yourself, or a loved one, with a childhood doll,  that you would like to include on this page.  It could even be a photo of an unidentified child that you stumbled across in an antique mall, like some that I've included.  What is important is that there be a doll in the shot and it be somewhat vintage.   If you have a CLEAR photo that you would like to add to the page, email me to get instructions on sending it. 

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