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A Photo Gallery of
Special Childhood Memories of Our Dolls
A Moment in Time, Captured on Film ~*~*~
To be included in this gallery, please email me.

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It is so enjoyable to get a peek into the past by looking at old photos.  



 Found this snapshot while looking through a box of old photos at my grandmother's house.  This is my second cousin, Laura, hugging her Hasbro Kid Sister in 1986.  Looks like Kid Sister is reaching out for a hug too!




Though the picture is a bit dark, this is my cousin, Debbie, around 1967, holding her new Christmas gift; an Ideal Newborn Thumbelina doll.  Debbie is actually the mother of the little girl above (Laura), and I believe Laura has her own child now.  Wow, how time flies!!  



Yeah, right, Claire.  You're asleep.  O.K......

Here is a cute shot of Claire in 1975 with her precious Mattel Newborn Baby Tender Love that she affectionately named "Baby Amy".  She was considered a real member of the family. (see photo below)


Birthday's are always fun!  Even if you're stretching it a bit and celebrating one for a doll, complete with invites, cake and presents.  Here is Claire in 1977, holding  "Baby Amy" in front of the birthday cake her older sister lovingly made.  Since there was a large stretch of time between family birthdays, what better way to pass the long, hot, dog days of summer, than by getting together and giving the doll her own celebration. Any excuse for cake, right!

Yummmmm....where's my invitation?


This photo comes all the way from Italy.  This is little Paola with a group of her favorite dolls around 1962. If you look very closely you can see Topo Gigio mouse with his huge ears. That is probably the only one of the group we would recognize here in the States. Paola says she never really liked this mouse much.  Instead she preferred the large baby doll sitting on her right, that she still has today.



In a young girl's cursive writing, the back of this photo is inscribed,  "My new ensemble + my new doll. 7/25/28."   And what a lovely doll she is!  My best guess is that this is one of the Effanbee mama type dolls.  She is one of the larger versions.  Could she be Merrilee?   Quite lovely!




Two sweet sisters pose together with their bisque dolls carefully tucked into their wicker strollers. No date was on the back of this photo but there was another photo of the older girl alone, and it was dated 1901.



Here is Mary at age 7, holding her lovely Effanbee sleeping Babyette in its beautiful christening gown.  Mary received this doll when she was around 5 in 1948 and it quickly became her favorite.  You can tell that she took very good care of it since she had already had it 2 years when this photo was taken and it looks brand new!   The doll originally came with a beautiful layette basket.  Mary had misplaced her doll over the years and recently found one at a doll show.  She contacted my site to see if I knew the name since she had forgotten. 

In corresponding with Mary I found out that she and I grew up in the same area and wouldn't it be funny if way back in the 50s, we may have even been at the local toy store, admiring all the beautiful dolls, at the same time!



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Perhaps you have a treasured photo of yourself, or a loved one, with a childhood doll,  that you would like to include on this page.  It could even be a photo of an unidentified child that you stumbled across in an antique mall, like some that I've included.  What is important is that there be a doll in the shot and it be somewhat vintage.   If you have a CLEAR photo that you would like to add to the page, email me to get instructions on sending it. 

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