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A Photo Gallery of
Special Childhood Memories of Our Dolls
A Moment in Time, Captured on Film ~*~*~
To be included in this gallery, please email me.

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It is so enjoyable to get a peek into the past by looking at old photos.  



This is my daughter Natalie in August, 1988 receiving her first "Splashin' Kids" Coleco Cabbage Patch Kids doll.  The doll was completely made of vinyl with rooted "cornsilk" combable hair, so she could go swimming with you!

It is clear to see by Natalie's expression that she was getting a little miffed that mom was making her pose for the camera.  "I just want to play with my doll mom, HURRY UP AND TAKE THE PICTURE!"


I found this vintage photograph while rummaging around an antique shop in Seattle, WA.  It is a foreign print, don't know the country (most likely somewhere in Europe).   There is partial writing on the building behind her. Across the building is, as best I can make out (the pole is in the way of the beginning): 
..S B P (or R) U C K   H A U P T B A H N H OI (?, looks like the last two letters are joined together ) 

A visitor shared that the writing is German.  The little girl is standing at a train station.  Could be in Austria or Germany.

A sweet little girl happily holds her doll (?).  The back of the photo is inscribed with indecipherable handwriting, but the date, 1938, is very clear.  This is an eerie photo to me, knowing that it was taken just one year before the beginning of WWII.  


A darling photo of a sweet little girl holding her Ideal Bonny Braids Baby doll.  Photo was most likely taken in 1951 when this popular doll was first introduced.  The photo was taken professionally. Baby Bonnie, daughter of comic strip hero Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart  had two little saran pigtails coming out of her vinyl head and had one tiny tooth in her big grin.  

Each doll came with a toothbrush and a tube of Ipana toothpaste. This doll is so new that these items can be seen still hanging from Bonny's wrist. The word IPANA is clearly visible in the actual photo.


This photo was taken in 1960.  I believe it was an Easter photo but there is no writing on the back.  The pretty doll in the picture is Ideal's Cream Puff.  Looks like the gentleman is holding a little "cream puff" too!

One of the characteristics of this doll is her cute little "watermelon" smile.


This is darling Darla, in 1963, proudly holding her Ideal Baby Pebbles Flintstone doll. Based on the way this doll is dressed, I believe this is the baby version of the doll with the cloth body. The other version was all plastic.



Where's the fire, Jeffrey?  Mattel Biffy Beans leads the way, while Fire Chief Jeffrey maneuvers though the house to "douse the flames" in 1975.  Watch out everybody!

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Perhaps you have a treasured photo of yourself, or a loved one, with a childhood doll,  that you would like to include on this page.  It could even be a photo of an unidentified child that you stumbled across in an antique mall, like some that I've included.  What is important is that there be a doll in the shot and it be somewhat vintage.   If you have a CLEAR photo that you would like to add to the page, email me to get instructions on sending it. 


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