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The Dusty Shelf
previous doll study articles)

This page holds all of my past featured dolls (Doll Studies).  I try to have a new doll study every quarter, however, sometimes I don't quite keep up.     My current Doll Study is on Ideal Kissy dolls, featured on my home page, which I hope you will enjoy.  Meanwhile if you've missed any of these previous articles, just click on the link to catch up.

Past featured doll

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Vintage Ginny

Past featured doll

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1960 Maggie Mix-up


Past featured doll
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Strawberry Shortcake & Friends

Past featured doll

Anne Shirley/Little Lady

Past featured doll

Fisher-Price Dolls
Past featured doll

American Character
Tiny Tears
Past featured doll

Ideal Crissy Family
Past featured doll

Effanbee's Rosemary
Past featured doll

Chubbie Toddler Dolls
 of the 50s/60s

Past featured doll

Vogue Toddles

Past Featured doll

Mattel Baby Beans



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