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Madame Alexander
Maggie Mix-up

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Madame Alexander has always been known for her quality dolls with exquisite clothing and her 1960s
Maggie Mix-up is no exception! 


maggiemixfull.JPG (145323 bytes)In 1960 this charming doll was introduced in the company catalog as "new and different, with great appeal."  She stood 16 1/2" tall and came in one size only.  With a sprinkling of freckles over her slightly turned up nose she had a touch of impishness, which was to become popular in the early sixties with a few other companies, as well (Vogue's Brikette, Little Imp, and Wee Imp, as well as Mattel's Chatty Chatty).  She could be purchased wearing one of three different outfits. magback.JPG (20620 bytes) The unique feature of these dolls was that each came with a golden heart shaped necklace, regardless of which outfit she wore.


This is Maggie Mix-up #1812.  This is my favorite of the three.   Not only because she originally belonged to my grandmother, but because I just love the country schoolgirl look.   The catalog goes on to describe her as:   "Dressed in checked cotton with lace trimmed white cotton blouse and lace edged lingerie.  She wears long black tights and Capezio typebwmagmix1.JPG (35152 bytes) slippers.  A straw hat perched on top of her red gold hair and freckles on her cute little nose give her a saucy air.  Her body construction is of So-Lite plastic, her arms of vinyl.  She is fully jointed - even has jointed ankles so she can wear flat shoes or high heeled ones.  Her golden necklace with golden heart shows how sentimental she is.  Wig of non-inflammable saran." 

Though the catalog mentions that she can wear flat shoes or high-heels I do not believe that any separate outfits were offered.  This is a catalog photo showing outfit #1812. 

bwmagmix2.JPG (10350 bytes)No. 1814 worn a party frock of softest cotton with organdy top and a lovey sash.  (Catalog did not mention the color)  She had a flower trimmed hat, long nylon hose and flat slippers with jeweled ornaments.  Her nylon lingerie was trimmed in lace, as well. 



bwmagmix3.JPG (13473 bytes)Maggie Mix-up #1811 was posed with a bicycle but the catalog mentioned that she didn't really come with one.  It describes her as dressed in her casual long tailored slacks with white jersey blouse and a bright sash.  Golden necklace, straw hat and "flattie" shippers completed the outfit.



Current Doll Value Guides show the 16 1/2" doll made from 1960-1961 She is priced at around $375-400 in mint condition.   She is usually described as having an "Elise" body type.


8" Alexanderkins "Maggie Mix-up"

Though the catalog references one size only, there were 8" Alexanderkins that were also being introduced as Maggie Mix-up (they were also described as being one size only).  The 8" also had straight red-gold hair, a pixie face with freckles sprinkled across her cheeks, and those gorgeous green eyes.  She has the "watermelon" type smile.  She was made of the same So-Lite plastic, and was a fully jointed walker.  Several separate outfits were available for this size.  This is an original dress, missing the white apron and has replaced shoes.

The actual Maggie Mix-up 8" doll was sold between 1960-61 but Alexander Doll Co. used the face periodically on later dolls, with other eye colors, including some of the ethnic dolls.   Collector's today often refer to any Alexander-kin with this impish face and watermelon mouth as a Maggie Mix-up face even though she may have not been sold using that name.

Reprint of a Madame Alexander catalog, "Madame Alexander presents Dolls for 1960"
Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide #24, Linda Crowsey
13th Blue Book, Dolls & Values, Jan Foulke

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