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"Flatsy Dolls"

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Ideal's Flatsy Dolls were quite popular in the late 60s and there were several variations released.  They were first marketed in wall mountable frames for a colorful display when not being played with.  the dolls each had a plastic ring around their necks that had a tab on the back.  It could be inserted into the framed print background or could also be worn as "jewelry" inserted into a clothes pocket or collar.  It is hard to find these dolls still secured to their frames.  Later versions were packaged differently.  The most common size of Flatsy is 4 3/4" tall,  which is the only type I currently have to show as an example.  Some dolls and scenes are harder to find than others making it fun, and a challenge, for the collector.

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Candy Flatsy

Bonnie Flatsy

Cookie Flatsy

Dewie Flatsy

Filly Flatsy

Two different Baby Flatsys in Individual Oval Frames

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