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1967-69 Ideal's Giggles

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Ideal introduced Giggles in 1967.  She is 18" tall and is all vinyl with rooted hair.  She has a very expressive and comical face.  The unique feature of this doll is that when you press her arms together she giggles and turns her head to the side.  Her flirty eyes dart back and forth.  As you do this there is something inside of her that vibrates giving the illusion that she is giggling so hard her body shakes.  Unfortunately, although my doll is in excellent condition I cannot get her to make a verbal giggle at all, only a slight squeak.  She is wearing her original outfit and sandals.  I had a visitor tell me that her Giggles came with accessories like a clown nose and facial masks, however there is no mention of any accessories on her original box. 



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