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Gi-Go Toys
"Palm Pals & My Pals Dolls"

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These little dolls were somewhat popular during the mid to late 90s, around the same time as Beany Babies.  I have found some with tags stating they are Palm Pals, and others that state My Pals, both made by Gi-Go Toys, Hong Kong, China.  Don't really know the history or differences.  Each doll is about 7" long, thus can fit inside an adult's palm.  Rather homely little tikes, they have very expressive faces which make them quite "adorable" to collectors.  Some of the sad ones even have tears and runny noses!  The My Pals series states there are 24 different dolls, each with their own name.  Not sure how many of the Palm Pals were made.  Below are just a few examples I have found.   I will add more as I find them.


Dana #19

Wendy #21


These two happy little girls, Dana and Wendy (above), are from the My Pals group.  The wrist tag states they are "Born on 1998 Collection" and that there are 24 different faces.   The inside of the wrist tag shows each face.  As an aid to collectors I have listed the different faces below:

#1   Iris
#2   Bo
#3   Anne
#4   Mona
#5   Toni
#6   Flora

#7    Adam
#8    Vera
#9    Hale
#10  Eva
#11  Cara
#12  Tim

#13  Colin
#14  Alice
#15  Nikki
#16  Toby
#17  Sean
#18  Brad

#19  Dana
#20  Karl
#21  Wendy
#22  Todd
#23  Dean
#24  Tiffany

Close up shows the details of the expressions.  
Note the runny nose and tear on the one on the left.





This little girl has a ripped paper tag attached that states she is a Bean Bag Kid and is part of Series V.  Her body tag states she is Gigo.  I assume perhaps that this series had many different ethnic versions???  Obviously this cutie is a little Native American child.





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