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Vogue 36" Ginny

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Ginny is wearing a red dress with attached slip, her striped pinafore has a felt clown face appliqué.  She has her original hair bow attached to her head.  Her hair pulls back at the temples and she is wearing original panties, shoes and socks.

1960 Ginny
36" Play Pal Type

A very hard to find doll because, unlike Vogue's standard practice, they did not mark these dolls, nor their clothing.  There is very little information on these dolls but with the help of information in reference books I was able to determine that this is an actual 36" Ginny based on her clothing style.  She is quite lovely.  The dolls were originally advertised as having their own 8" Ginny so I gave her one of my bent knee walker dolls.

The more I research this doll the less I am convinced that she is a true Vogue Ginny, however as time goes on,
maybe more information will be uncovered.

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