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Vinyl/Hard Plastic 1963-65

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1964 Outfit #18638

In 1963 Ginny was introduced with a vinyl head with rooted hair on the bent knee walker body which was made of hard plastic.   (They almost seem like a mistake).  Even though they are not a very popular Ginny, they really are very unique in that they were only made a very short time.   Their hair style was either this short pixie cut, a short bob (as below) or in two stubby little pig tails. I think they are very cute, with very gentle, sweet faces.   Every Ginny collector needs at least one!

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1965 Outfit #18141

When I purchased this Ginny I thought that she was an all vinyl doll, made in the USA.  Her tag reads, "Hi! I'm Ginny"  It lists Malden, Mass. on it.  I did not realize that she had a hard plastic bent knee walker body. (I guess I didn't squeeze her hard enough!)  When I brought her home and examined her more closely I realized my delightful mistake.  She is wearing her all original black velvet pants outfit. 

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1964 Outfit #18640

I'm always thrilled when I find one of these vinyl head/hard plastic bodied Ginny dolls minty in their original outfits.  This platinum blonde Ginny wears a darling play suit of red gingham with matching scarf and a cute doggie appliqué embellishes the side of the smock top .


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1965 #18146

This girl is wearing a very pretty pink dress that has a stiff fabric but feels soft to the touch, like velvet.   I found her at a local antique show and am honored to add such a lovely example of a vinyl head/hard plastic bent-knee to my Ginny family.

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