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All Vinyl, Made in U.S.A.

Ginny was not as popular during this decade so there were not as many dolls made.  However, they were still well made dolls.  They no longer walked and were made completely of vinyl.  Their features seemed a little softer, more like the earlier dolls.  I think that having at least one in your collection is an asset.  They were being produced as either little girls with only a handful of outfits made, Fairytale Land series, or Far Away Lands Series.  


Typical Little Girl Ginny

This sweetie is all vinyl and one of the last to be made in America.  She is one of my original dolls that I purchased as a teenage.  (I guess I was trying to recapture my youth!)  I bought her as a dress me doll so her outfit is not original.  (Now I could kick myself for not buying any clothes, as these are extremely rare due to the fact that Ginny's popularity was some what low during this period.) This is a tagged outfit I found but I can't find this exact one in my reference books.  I do believe it is for a later 60s Ginny though.   The interesting thing about her is that she is wearing pearl earrings.  I am almost certain that I bought her that way, however, the only other Ginny that I have seen with earrings like these is the "New Spain" from this same era, pictured  in a reference book.


Sometimes our minds play tricks on us after so many years.  If anyone else has a Ginny from the late 60s with original pearl earrings, please let me know.

She also has long beautiful lemon yellow blonde hair which is not stitched down the center of the back, so it is not meant to be in braids but probably in a single ponytail.  


My Ginny, is modeling a very hard to find original ensemble from 1969, Outfit #1856


A complete original outfit from the late 60s. There weren't very many little girl outfits offered during this era so it was a real treat to find this one.  Now my own Ginny finally has an appropriate outfit.






Another original outfit from the late 60s (not sure of #).  Simple lines, not too many frills.  She's also wearing a thin black headband with her name on it.  Her rooted hair is in a short bob, one of the common styles offered during this time period.




Another Typical
 Little Girl Ginny

I  found this little girl on eBay.  She was in her original dress but was quite dirty and her hair was in matted ringlets.  With a little patience and a lot of detangler I managed to get her hair back in its original braids.  She cleaned up quite nicely and is a fine example of a later 60s all vinyl Ginny.  Based on the tag in her dress I guess she is from 1968-69.  Socks, shoes, and hair bows are replaced.




My Ginny, is modeling another hard to find original ensemble from 1968, Outfit #1826


Outfit consists of a separate white skirt with a red "velveteen" apron-type pinafore top. Again, there weren't very many little girl outfits offered during this era.  This outfit was sold to me on an earlier Ginny but it is cataloged in That Doll, Ginny from 1968.  



Mary Had A Little Lamb

In 1966 this little Ginny was part of a series called Fairytale Land.  She is #102 representing Mary Had A Little Lamb.  She is all original.  I bought her recently at a doll show.  I was attracted to her sweet expression and dainty clothes.

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Far Away Lands
~*~ Spain ~*~

During this same time period another popular series was the Far Away Lands series depicting elaborate costumes of far away places.  She is all vinyl.  This is 1966 Spain.  There are layers of black lace on red knit.  She has hoop earrings and red satin tie shoes.


Far Away Lands
~*~ Mexico ~*~

Another colorful example of this series.  She too has hoop earrings and red satin tie shoes. Do not know the exact year "Mexico" was added to the line.

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