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All Vinyl, Made in Hong Kong
Tonka Ginny

In the early seventies the Tonka Corporation bought the rights to produce the Ginny Doll.  In order to keep costs down she began to be manufactured in Hong Kong.  There are a lot of variations of quality among the Ginny dolls produced during this time.  Some seemed very well made with bright coloring while others found today are pale, almost colorless, with poorly made looking costumes.
The majority of the line were the "Dolls from Far Away Lands."  I have very few of these, as I am partial to the little girl dolls, as opposed to the "costumed" dolls.

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Not a lot of these mint-in-box (NRFB) dolls floating around.  This Ginny was made in Hong Kong, and came in this gift box with two extra outfits.    Though clearly marked VOGUE, the box above states on the side that is is "Made Exclusively for JEWEL in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong" (no date).  I saw a similar example in the Vogue Encyclopedia that stated that this was a Made in USA doll (1972) gift pack #1001, but it was in a pink box.  The outfits were the same, but the doll was wearing the red outfit with the yellow as an extra.  Another mystery?

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New Spain

This was the first of the Ginny dolls that were produced outside of the United States.  When the Tonka Corporation bought the line they decided to have the dolls manufactured in Hong Kong to be cost competitive.   These dolls looked very much like the all vinyl USA dolls.  They had sleep eyes.  The previous "Spain" doll was dressed in black lace so when this more "cheerful" dress was chosen, she was renamed, "New Spain."   She comes with a tiny fan to hold but I keep misplacing it.  I know I still have it so when I find it again, I'll re-photograph her. 


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Here is a comparison of both the Far Away Lands "Spain" Ginnys.

The left is New Spain (Tonka) and the right was Spain made in the USA.

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