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Ginny Dolls
Made by Dakin


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Dakin bought the rights to Ginny and began producing
both vinyl and hard plastic examples.

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cameragin.JPG (53245 bytes) This is actually a Meritus vinyl Ginny wearing a Dakin boxed outfit that was sold separately. 

This little Ginny has a special spot in my heart because she was given to me by my college-aged daughter.  I thought it was special because even though she razes me all the time about my doll obsession, she still thought of me while she was on vacation with a friend.   She stopped into a second hand shop looking for vintage clothes and spotted her lying in a box of assorted dolls.  She was dirty, in homemade clothes, and her hair was sticking straight up.  She cleaned up nicely.  I found the outfit at a doll hospital, still in its box so it was complete with her little camera and fanny pack.   It is hard to see from the picture but her name is in script on her shirt.


Both Meritus and Dakin released special limited edition porcelain Ginny dolls for collectors.  Dakin made a series that replicated the popular 1953 Kindergarten series.  I'm not sure of the actual release date of these. The box says 1984, which was the same year that Meritus released theirs.  It is possible that Meritus was planning on releasing these, then Dakin took over and quickly boxed them with their own name/logo.  If I find out more, I will add the information.  

This is "Glad" in her pretty red dress with berry trim.   Both she and her outfit are very well made.

There were only 2500 of each doll produced and each one is numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity.  It is important to find these dolls still in their original boxes with all the paperwork, in order to enhance their value.





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