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Meritus 1984-1986

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A re-creation of Ginny 1953 Coronation Queen #71007
from the Meritus Encore collection (1986).
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Ginnys made by Meritus in 1986.

Part of the Ovation Collection. These dolls belonged to my own two daughters. Snow Time #70027, Little Shopper #70034, and Mommy's Girl #70038.  I could never get my girls to be as interested in Ginny as I was, it worked out good for me though, I inherited them!

Porcelain Ginny's from 1984

This is the Chinese Porcelain collection by Meritus.

Midnight Pearl
Satin Belle

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The porcelain dolls have a very beautiful soft satiny complexion.  They are jointed at the ankles as well as the knees.  This is my favorite of the group above.  There were a few other porcelain Ginny sets made as well (one example in my Dakin Ginny section)


brdgrmginny.JPG (61218 bytes) Bride and Groom
(boxed set)


In 1986 Meritus produced a series called Famous Pairs. This was the Bride and Groom pair #71005.  There was also Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Hansel and Gretel, and Jack and Jill.


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