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Deluxe Reading Grocery Store Dolls

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Darling Debbie



These very large, 30" fashion dolls were sold in food markets in the 1950s and are often referred to as Grocery Store dolls today.   The most popular names are Betty the Beautiful Bride (dressed in a bridal gown, of course), Sweet Rosemary (in pink gown similar to above), and Darling Debbie (above in blue/lavendar).  What little girl wouldn't have begged mother for such a lovely "princess" style doll?  There are some slight variations in their faces which, for the collector, makes finding them all that more fun.  The above doll has a one piece soft vinyl body that is stuffed and has a wire inside each limb which allows her to be posed.  She has molded high-heeled feet.  There is not a lot of documentation on these dolls but there are a few websites out there that feature more information (check my favorite links section).



Darling Debbie's lovely close-up.


Deluxe Reading Sweet Amy

I found this sweetheart in a local thrift store.  Though she is not as large as the above doll, she has many similar characteristics.  My first thought in identifying her was possibly Horsman but in more thorough research I believe I have found that she is actually a doll called Sweet Amy from Deluxe Reading.  Her one piece body is in overall good condition with a few splits on her legs and some darkening of her fingers and toes. 

Although it is very soft and "skin-like" in feel, it is very thin and unfortunately many of the dolls made with this type material did not hold up well.  The thin latex type material either darkened with age, or developed rips or "melt-down".  Her dress appears to be original.  I added the rubber shoes.


Her one-piece non-jointed body is filled with "stuffing" and she is very soft to the touch.




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