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Real Baby

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20" Hasbro Real Baby

In 1984, Hasbro had a hit with this "real life" baby doll.  She was designed by artist
 Judith Turner.  Her popularity was sustained because she was very life-like. 

Real Baby is the size of about a six month old and is weighted to feel very real.  I don't know what is actually inside her, but it feels rather "smooshie". As far as I know there are two versions, this one, as an awake baby with open eyes, and another that has closed sleeping eyes.  She can wear real baby clothing.  I saw her advertised in a 1985 Sears catalog with extra clothing and a stroller although these items did not appear to be marked specifically for her.  Unlike most dolls, her hair is not rooted but is actually a glued on wig.  My little doll's hair has seen better days, but even when new, their hair was rather wispy and fine (like a newborn).  She is very cute in a homely kind of way.  My dolly has been redressed in real baby clothes.

The doll is marked with the copyright date of 1984 and the signature of the artist.  There is also a body tag as well which is dated 1985.

 Her eyes are stationery (permanently open) with very long real looking lashes.


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