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Holly Hobbie "everything" was all the rage in the early 70s when the "country look" was very "in".  Originally an American Greetings character, Knickerbocker obtained the license to manufacture dolls in her image.  Friends were added including Holly's brother, Robby.  I bought these dolls one at a time back in the mid-70s at our local drugstore and stored them away in the closet.  None of the dolls have ever been removed from their boxes.  Holly Hobbie rag dolls were made in several sizes.  These dolls are the small "miniature" rag dolls, about 9 1/2" tall.














In 1977 a 16" vinyl faced Baby Holly Hobbie cloth doll was introduced. She has blonde rooted hair and vinyl hands and lower legs.  This doll is wearing her original outfit but is missing her calico booties that match her bonnet.  She also came in a pink version as well.




This jointed 6" all vinyl version is also made by Knickerbocker Toys.  Her bloomers match her bonnet.  I'm not sure if this is actually Holly or one of her friends as I've seen a similar sized doll with a calico print dress and slightly darker hair.


This is another variation of the Holly Hobbie Baby;  a different facial expression and her lower limbs are completely cloth.  She has the Knickerbocker tag sewn into the back of the non-removable outfit.

Another small 6" vinyl Holly Hobbie with a cute baby carriage accessory.  

This doll was advertised in the Sears catalog around 1977 as a Holly Hobbie Playset.  The set shown in the catalog does not show the carriage but shows a cradle, highchair and a tiny vinyl dog, along with the baby.  It is possible that different sets were made (only one example was shown).

There was another vinyl doll that I do not have an example of, but wanted to mention.  She is 12" tall.  As far as I know they came in Carrie, Holly, and Amy only.  They were introduced in 1975.  Will add an example at a later date.

Another Knickerbocker version of Holly Hobbie and friends are these 12" nighttime dolls.  I'm not sure of their actual marketing name or when they were released, but each girl is dressed in a calico print nightgown and each has a stuffed animal tucked inside her monogrammed pocket.  Shown above are Holly in blue, Carrie in pink, and Amy in green.  These are all I have found so far but I'm assuming that Heather is out there somewhere.

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