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Effanbee's Honey

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This girl was in pieces when I found her and her dress was so dirty, I didn't even know it was pink!  She cleaned up beautifully.   I found a picture of the same doll in Pam and Polly Judd's Hard Plastic Dolls.   She is Effanbee's hard plastic Honey from 1952 dressed in a very popular style for that year.  She is a 16" doll.  She should have fabric flowers in her hair and a black velvet neckband (which I will make for her).  All she needed was a little 9-1-1, some Perk for the dress, and a restring.  She is just beautiful.  She even has her original gold sandals.   I get very attached to the dolls that I have to nurse back to health.  She is no exception.


She has developed quite a bit of crazing on her face and body, unfortunately, but somehow, when I look at that darling expression, I look right past it and don't even see it.

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This is actually a late 40s, very early 50s compo 21" Honey doll with flirty eyes.  I'm showing her here because most people who are looking for examples of Honey, would be more apt to look in the 50s for the hard plastic variety.  She is a strung doll in her original outfit.  She remains a bit of a puzzle to me because even though this is compo she has a saran wig which was usually on the hard plastic dolls.  I'm sure it is original to her.  I saw an advertisement for a plastics company showing this exact dress on a hard plastic doll in 1952.  Perhaps she was a left over compo??  No matter, she is a sweetie with those flirty eyes and a rather hard to find version. 

Effanbee Tintair Honey - Early 50s
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This 14" hard plastic Effanbee Honey is my latest acquisition.  She is actually what was referred to as a Tintair Honey.  Originally she was sold with "hair dye" to change the color of her hair to either red or brunette.  All Tintair dolls had this platinum blonde hair.  Her hair dye is long gone and I can only imagine what fun her previous little mommy had, creating "new do's" for her.  There is still some residual dye staining of the hair in spots which is quite common for a played with Tintair.  This is not her original dress or shoes, (I found her lying naked on a table at a doll show just begging me to take her home),  but is very appropriate to the style that she would have worn.  These dolls were Ideal Toni's competition.  Honey dolls have beautiful faces!.

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