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"Honey Hill Bunch"

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On left is Darlin (missing dress), on right is Sweetlee

I've just recently discovered these cute little cloth dolls with vinyl rooted heads, made in the mid-70s.  They depict a neighborhood of friends.  They are a mere 4" tall with the smallest being 3".  Each has a bit of Velcro fastener secured to their hands so that they can hold hands with each other or hold a felt object.  They each have names and could be purchased separately.  The above picture is from the cover of their Clubhouse box.     





The kids below are a few that I found mint in box at a recent doll show.  I was excited to be able to add them to my site so that collectors could see them in such pristine condition and with their accessories.  I'm still missing a couple.

I.Q. with her book Li'l Kid with her dog
Sweetlee with her gingerbread man Solo with his guitar





This is the back of the box that the kids came in, showing each one.   


The ones not pictured above are Slugger with her baseball bat and Spunky with his frog.


Though I show Darlin' above, she is missing her white dress and pink purse that is shown on the box back.





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