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"Bizzie Lizzie"

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  Bizzie Lizzie was released by Ideal for a only short time in 1971-72.  She was a mechanical doll, powered by a battery pack, that could iron, dust, and vacuum.  Instead of having the batteries inserted into her torso, she actually has a separate battery pack that plugs into her, similar to Tippee Tumbles.  The battery pack is cleverly designed to look like a cleaning supplies box.

Unfortunately my little Bizzie Lizzie doll isn't working.  I found her still in her original box, complete with all of her accessories.  I'm not sure if she isn't working because she was never used and time has taken its toll, or if perhaps she stopped working and then was no longer played with.  She is in excellent condition so I do not think she was played with much if at all.  Inside the box there was a factory printed sheet of paper that told where to send her if she broke, with several addresses throughout the US.  Perhaps that was an indication that she was somewhat temperamental to begin with?



Here is a close up of her pretty little face.  She even has her own golden necklace, inscribed "Lizzy".  I wish I could figure out what is wrong with her mechanism.  It sure would be fun to see how she "works".


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