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"Toddler Thumbelina"
"Kissin' Thumbelina"

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When you hear the name Thumbelina you usually associate it with Ideal's early 60s 14" or 18" baby doll that squirmed like a real baby when a knob was wound on her back.  However, Ideal used the name Thumbelina in their completely redesigned doll from 1968-72, calling it Newborn Thumbelina.  These Thumbelina dolls were much smaller, only about 9" tall and they moved by means of a pull string on their backs.  In 1969 they came out with another version called Toddler Thumbelina.  Many of the Toddler Thumbelina dolls came with an accessory piece such as this rocking horse, a walker, or a car.  When you pull her string, her movement actually rocks the horse back and forth.  

I recently found a Newborn Thumbelina that I have added to my 60s section, click here to view.   


Toddler Thumbelina sprouts a rather comical grin complete with a double chin with  dimples.  She had a slightly older look than the Newborn. 




Here is Kissin' Thumbelina, marketed in 1970.  She too is only about 9" tall and has a pull string on her back that makes her squirm.  It also has a mechanism to make her arm swing out at the end of the squirm to simulate throwing out a kiss. The doll was originally sold with a blue plastic pram. 


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