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"Jammie Pies"

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Jammie Pies in non-removable bunny suit.

Though these dolls weren't widely produced, they seem to have a real following on the secondary market.  Often these well loved dolls became the cherished "security blanket" for many children as evidenced by the many emails I receive from people trying to replace their worn out friend who has been literally hugged to death!  I haven't been able to find any literature on these dolls, so I don't really know their history.  I have learned that they were made in the mid-80s by Playskool and are based on a cute Hallmark card character.  There were a few different variations and they had names and some even had pets of their own.  Don't know exactly how many there were, but I have shown a couple that I have run into in my treasure hunts, as a few examples.  Will add more if I find additional ones.

Jammie Pies in clown outfit.

Each doll has this logo on the bottom of her foot.


These dolls are made out of flannel which tends to "pill" as time goes by.  They have soft fabric covered faces with painted features.  It is not uncommon to find these dolls with worn facial features due to the nature of their construction.


This cute Jammie Pies photo has graciously been shared with me, by his original owner, Thomas.   He discovered it in the back of his closet and found my site while trying to research the doll.   This little Jammie Pies has a blue/yellow suit with an anchor motif.  He has a pet cat, with matching anchor motif.  The Jammie pets are very hard to find.


Another style of Jammie Pies.  A little boy in blue stocking cap  with gingham shirt.


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