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Mattel's Liddle Kiddles

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Opened Liddle Kiddles Klub Carrying Case with a Liddle Kiddle sleeping inside.  It was fun to take your tiny Kiddles everywhere with you!



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Lucky Locket Kiddle "Lola"

Sorry I don't have lots of examples, but I never got into Kiddles. 
There are a whole bunch of people who just love them and are constantly on the lookout for them.  I think they even have Kiddle conventions.  They came out in the later 60s when I was pretty much done playing with dolls.  There are over 100 variations and  several series' of them and their tiny accessories.   These examples were made in 1966 and are from the Lucky Locket Jewelry Kiddles line.  They were designed as lockets with a tiny doll inside for little girls to wear as jewelry.

These examples belong to my friend Cheryl



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Lucky Locket Kiddle "Liz"


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