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Kimberly Dolls were popular in the mid-80s. They represented a typically beautiful, modern American teenager.  She was sold in either a closed mouth smile version as this one on the left, or an open mouth smile.  Both versions are popular with collectors.  She was sold along with separate outfits.  Though she had some pretty gowns and dresses, most of her outfits were very sporty, depicting the active lifestyle of today's girls.  Because Kimberly is strung, her limbs and head can be posed in various positions and she can stand readily on her own.  She has thick, gorgeous blonde hair that is fun to style.  As far as I know, she was only released as a blonde and as an African American, but please correct me if I am wrong on this.


Closed Mouth Smile

Open Mouth Smile

Here is a very lovely example of an African American Kimberly doll that site visitor, Rebecca, was kind enough to share with us.  She wears an authentic ice skating ensemble.


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