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Tiny Kissy (1963), 22" standard sized Kissy (1961), and 1966 Tiny Kissy (new look)


Cuddly Kissy (1965) and Kissy Baby (1963)


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Large 22" Kissy

Kissy stands about 22" tall.  She was made between 1961-1964.  She is wearing one of her original outfits with her original mary-jane style t-strap shoes.  This outfit is the most common and is also the one that is shown on Ideal's box. 

The unique feature of this doll is that when you squeeze her arms together (gently of course) she puckers her lips and makes a kissing noise.

Her hands are jointed at the wrist and made of a different type of vinyl than her arms so they have discolored with age, as is typical for these and some of the Play Pal type of dolls by Ideal.
I bought her because she was in very good condition.  She needed a bath because her plastic was pretty dingy but she cleaned up nicely. 


The Kissy to the right looks almost identical to the above doll but she is only 16" tall.  She is called Tiny Kissy and was made between 1963-1968. 

She too puckers her lips and makes a kissing noise when her arms are squeezed together.  She is in her original outfit with the tag attached to the front of the garment.  Her outfit could use a little cleaning as the white lace has turned to "off-white." However, her tag will probably fray if I wash it so I haven't decided what to do yet.  I may just press it.  The elastic is nice and tight around her arms and legs, unlike the one above that has stretched out. 

Tiny Kissy also has her original socks and shoes (marked Ideal).


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Tiny Kissy

In 1966 Ideal introduced an updated  version of 16" Tiny Kissy.  She virtually had the same face but had long, straight auburn hair in a deep side part, wearing an A-line two-toned dress with appliqué (as shown).   

This new doll had the same kissing feature as previous dolls.  My Kissy seems to have had a hair trim and is wearing replaced shoes/socks. Her shoes should be like those of the Tiny Kissy above.


Ideal's Baby Kissy doll (on the right), made in 1963 was just as large as the regular Kissy but she was made with curved baby legs, so she could not stand.  Her ability to kiss was activated just like her other sisters.  She was sold for only two years.  My doll has been redressed in an pretty dress that appears to be from the 1960s.   I've also seen her advertised as Kissy Baby.

Cuddly Kissy is the smaller doll on the left.  She was the only one that was made a bit differently.  She has a cloth body instead of the all vinyl and her arms do not activate the kissing mechanism.  In order for her to give you a kiss you need to squeeze her tummy.  This makes her arms come together as if she is trying to give you a hug, then "smack" you hear a kiss.  She is dressed in an original outfit, missing her booties.

Here they are undressed to show their body structures.

This photo shows how Kissy's vinyl hand is attached to the harder plastic arm.  The material generally changes color over time and many Kissy dolls found today have this discoloration.   As shown in the photo above, Kissy Baby's legs were also made of this type of vinyl and you can see from the photograph that they are the same color as her hands while her arms and torso are the lighter harder material.  It almost gives the appearance that this doll was put together from parts, but she was not.  She is original and this is just the nature of the products that were used.

1963 Kissy Paper Doll

Here is an interesting item I found a while ago.  It is a Saalfield Artcraft Ideal Kissy paper doll made in 1963.  The doll stands 16" tall but the two parts must be assembled to make it the actual size.  Then inside the book are the clothes that are actual photographs of the real outfits that were available for Kissy at that time.  I've never seen another one like this. Very unusual.

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