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Just type in the word, "DOLLS" on any search engine today and you will probably be inundated with lists of sites that relate, even ever so remotely.  The "results" list of suggestions has certainly grown in just the few years that I have been "surfing" the net, (some just bulletin board postings, some just For Sale only sites), which at times seems to  make it nearly impossible to find an actual site devoted to information.  Here are just a few sites that I have found useful to include in the "Toy Box" to help you in your quest for knowledge about vintage collectible dolls.  Keeping this page current is almost an impossible task as many sites go by the wayside due to costs of site maintenance, domain name costs, URL changes, etc.  Some links may not work, (I just did a quick check and several links are bad so have been removed), but I'll try to maintain this page on occasion.  Continue to use web search engines if you can't find what you are looking for here.

If you have, or know of, a site that should be added, just email me and give me the URL address.  I am currently only taking sites that relate to vintage collectible dolls.  Please, no doll craft sites, Teddy bears, or For Sale Only sites.  

REMEMBER, if you click on one of these sites, it will take you away from Kaylee's Korner.  Make sure you have me book-marked in your "Favorites Folders," or hit your BACK BUTTON to find your way back to me. My URL is:          or 

Terri Lee Dolls Home Page

Crissy Dolls 

Carolyn's Rock n' Roll Ginnys
Small Walking Dolls of the 50s
Sandi's Ginnys, Muffies, & Gingers 
50s Hard Plastic 8" Doll Study

Doll References: Antique to Vintage
(photos, IDs, and chat)

The Vintage Doll Collector

Ideal Flatsy Dolls

Official Barbie Site

A5KMOMMY's Dollhouse (Barbie)

Strawberry Bonkers!
Mint Tulips Garden Tea Party

Topper DAWN Dolls

Rainbow Brite Land

Lorretta's Shirley Temple Dolls

Shirley Temple Doll Site

Diane's Enchanted Dolls

Lee's Doll House
(for those forgotten dolls)

Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

Galoob Baby Face Dolls

Joan's Revlon Doll Website

Dollikin Friends

Doll Collecting on About.Com

Madame Alexander - Dolls of the Century

Jammie Pies

Doll Club Net

The Deluxe Doll House (specializing in 30" and "grocery store fashion dolls")

Antique Dolls Collectors Online Advisors

Marisa's My Child Dolls
Sharon's My Child Dolls

Horsman Dolls

Totally Awesome Dolls (specializing in African American dolls)

This Old Doll

Golden Era Dolls

Ghost of the Doll
(an 80s toys ID website from the UK)

Collectors Weekly
(great site on anything collectible.  This link is to their doll section but check out their home page if you collect other items.)


(I have not personally dealt with these sites, unless noted.  I am including them as possible helpful leads.  It is your responsibility to check them out, ask questions of them directly, etc.   I can't be responsible if you are unhappy with their work.)   

The Doll Cradle (in business more than 37 years.  Restores dolls and teddy bears)TwinPines of Maine (I have used these cleaning products and have found them to be very good. Worthwhile if you have lots of dolls to "spruce up.")

Heirloom Treasures (dedicated to repair and restoration of dolls made prior to 1950)

Montique's Trading Corp. (a source for new doll wigs, doll shoes and doll making supplies. Caters to today's doll artist, but some of these items may be suitable as vintage replacements.)

Animation Fascination - Worlds of Wonder Toy Restoration (also Playmates, Ideal, etc.)
Repair of Teddy Ruxpin, Grubby, Mother Goose, Julie, Pamela, Cricket, Big Bird, etc., since 1997
Louise's Little Ladies (restoration of antique to vintage dolls.  Specializing in composition doll repair.
The Doll Company (repair, restoration, all types of dolls and stuffed animals)A Doll's Dressmaker and Doll Hospital (pamper your doll with a day at the spa)
Treasured Collectibles and Doll Hospital (professional doll restoration and repair of vintage collectible dolls.)Dollspart Supply Co. (all your doll supply needs.  A great place to find replacement wigs, shoes, hats, etc.)
Old Doll Clothes Patterns (these are copies, not the real thing, but if you sew and you're looking for that special pattern, check this site)A Dolly's World Vintage and reproduction doll clothing and accessories (shoes, hats, wigs, purses) for your dolls. 

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