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Li'l Miss Dolls (80s)

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Mattel's Li'l Miss dolls were a very popular series started in the late 80s, that continued well into the 90s.  With the touch of a "magic" tool, the Li'l Miss doll would transform before your eyes!  It was suggested on the boxes to keep the dolls out of direct sunlight, intense light, or heat in order to help their magical changing properties last longer.  Many of these found loose today, are no longer performing as they should.

These dolls stood approximately 13" tall.  The first in this series was Lil Miss Make Up, introduced in 1988.  She came with several accessories.  Basically you could "draw on" her makeup with either hot or icy cold water and a "special sponge applicator".  Cold made the make up appear, hot made it disappear. 

Lil Miss Makeup has star highlights in her eyes.
Though her box shows her wearing sparkle slippers, she actually has pink plastic slip-ons.  Doll is marked on back of neck, İMattel, Inc. 1988, 1977.  Back of torso reads İMattel Inc. 1988//China

In 1989 Mattel introduced Lil Miss Dress Up.  "Zillions" of pretty looks could be created by drawing on her clothing.  Using either hot or cold water in the "wands," it will turn the fabric from pink to blue and back again.

Lil Miss Dress Up has a blue ponytail that will turn pink when warmed with the pink wand.  Though the box is dated 1989, the doll is marked identical to the one above.

I do not have a box for this doll but I believe her name is Lil Miss Magic Hair.  Initially I believe her hair was blond and by using the magic "combs" her hair would change to rainbow colors.  I found this little girl loose and she has pastel stripes through her hair, so I think that after time, the colors probably became permanent.  Not sure of all the accessories that came with her.

Lil Miss Magic Hair
She is marked the same as those above.  Like the others, she has a pink heart on her cheek.  She has pretty little green heart stamped earrings.  I believe her shoes were green, not pink as shown.


Not sure what other Li'l Miss dolls were made in the 80s,
but click here to see a few from the 90s.





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