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Mattel's Li'l Miss dolls were a very popular series started in the late 80s, that continued well into the 90s.  With the touch of a "magic" tool, the Li'l Miss doll would transform before your eyes!

Because of the success of the first in the series, Lil Miss Makeup, Mattel went on to create new versions.  In 1992, Mattel introduced Lil Miss Magic Jewels.  Rather than using water to create the magic of this doll, a special wand was included that would hold the "magic jewels".  By touching the dress or doll's hair with the wand, a jewel was released that would attach by way of a velcro-type backing.  There were endless possibilities to create a dazzling outfit.  Extra jewels could be purchased separately.  Her little mommy could even put the jewels in her own hair or take her crown and transform it into a beautiful bracelet for herself.  I know that if I were a small child when this doll was first released, I would have definitely had her on MY wish list because I loved sparkles, jewels, and princess dresses.  Hey, I still do!!

Lil Miss Magic Jewels has twinkle highlights in her eyes.  She also has sparkle thread in her hair which makes it a little difficult to comb.
Though her box shows her wearing sparkle slippers, she actually has pink plastic slip-ons.  She too is marked just like those from the 1980s: on back of neck, ©Mattel, Inc. 1988, 1977.  Back of torso reads ©Mattel Inc. 1988//China.  The box dates 1992.

I haven't found a lot of reference information on these dolls, but it appears that they were rather popular as there seems to be many variations.  I do know that there were some smaller ones called Wee Lil Miss dolls that stood about 7" tall.  As I learn more, I'll add more information.  Below are a few variations that I've found over time.  None have their boxes or accessories so I can only guess who they might be but thought I'd include them here.


I did not find her clothed, so I've redressed her in an era appropriate dress.

This 13" African American version is different than all the rest that I have run across.  She is made of a softer, sqeezable vinyl.  It is obvious that she is supposed to have some type of makeup but everything appears whitish.  I tried various temperatures of water on these points but nothing happens.  My guess is that it is possible that she was kept in direct sunlight and the color changing feature no longer performs.  She has two little heart earrings on each side.
Would love to know who she is.  I found some reference to a line by Mattel called Lovable Babies from 1993 that could possibly be the line she is from.  They are the same size and tend to be ethnic dolls.  But don't have much information yet.


This doll is marked on the back of her neck:
Mexico//©1992 Mattel Inc

Her upper back is marked ©1992//Mattel Inc//Mexico


She wears an original dress with bright neon colors that were popular in the early 90s. She probably had bright shoes as well.  She has a necklace with a locket that has an "S" so I'm assuming that her name must start with an "S".
The locket opens and there are paper circles with stickers on them.  Perhaps these are supposed to go into the slot?


Though this doll is the same size with a very similar body style, there are several noticeable differences.  So many so, that I am not even sure if she is part of a Lil Miss group at all.  She may be from her own series.  At any rate, I've included her here because of her size and style.  If you have any information on her and wish to pass it on, please do.  thanks to a few visitors I have since found out that this doll's name is Sally Secrets and she is not part of the Lil Miss group.  I will be moving her to a page of her own soon.

Her eyes have "plus sign" highlights.  Her earrings are plastic buttons inserted into the earlobe.

Her face is flatter and much broader than the regular Lil Miss dolls and her eyes further apart.  Her nose is just a round protrusion (not shaped as a nose).  Her lower lip is fuller than the top (it is the opposite on the Lil Miss dolls.  She does not have a heart on her cheek. 

It looks like she has a battery compartment but when opened it reveals a square shelf. Perhaps where the items that fit into the tummy slot go???
She has an interesting plastic slit in her tummy that must do something but I don't know what.



Though the doll itself is actually a Lil Miss Jewels, I wanted to show this outfit.  I found it separately and it clearly resembles the characteristics of the Lil Miss dresses in both fabric and trim, but is not one that any of those I have in boxes are wearing.  So, I'm assuming that this dress might be for a Lil Miss doll that I have yet to find.  I put these shoes with this outfit because they are the same style, but were not found with this dress.  They may be from another version as well.

Not sure what other Lil Miss dolls were made in the 90s,
but click here to see the first ones, from the 80s.




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