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"Love 'n Touch Baby"

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This is Mattel's Love 'n Touch Baby.  The box states, "Her head is soft 'n heavy.  She looks and feels like a newborn baby."   My daughter had one when she was just a wee little girl, back in 1979.  This doll came in two versions as shown, an African American and Caucasian.  The white baby only came in the brunette hair color with blue eyes.  These dolls are a mere 12" long, perfect for little mommies, and as far as I know, only came in this one outfit.   They are a bit of a mystery to me because I haven't been able to find any additional information on them in my reference books yet, even though they are from the late 70s.  As I mentioned I have seen them referred to as Baby Love 'n Touch but the logo patch on their clothing has a T.L. rather than a L.T. as would be expected.  Perhaps they are part of the Baby Tender Love line (hence the T.L.).  As I find out more, I will update this page.


She has a vinyl head and hands with a floppy rag-like cloth body.  The sleeper has a drop-drawers to reveal her cute little bottom (also made of vinyl).

Delicate newborn features.  The African American has curly hair while the Caucasian has straight.  The whites of the eyes, are actually blue.  There is a tiny logo patch on their p.j.s that has a bluebird and the initials of "T. L. "  They are marked on the backs of their heads:  ©Mattel Inc./ 1979/ Taiwan

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