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Mattel's Chatty Cathy Family

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Mattel's talking Chatty Cathy doll was one of the most popular dolls of the early 60s and she is definitely a very collected doll today.  There are whole websites and doll clubs devoted to them.  She came in other hair/eye color combinations too.  These girls I have are two of the styles and not the best of examples.  The doll above with the shorter hair was an earlier version than the one with the pigtails and unfortunately she is missing her two front teeth.   You can see the difference in their body styles in the nude photo at left.  Many of them are found mute but I've been told that they can be repaired.  





Chatty Baby  in tagged p.j.'s (seated, L.)


 Tiny Chatty Baby Sister, (R.)




There was also a Tiny Chatty Brother twin (not shown) (he has a side seam part in his hair).

Long and lanky, this is Chatty Cathy's cousin 25" Charmin' Chatty, introduced by Mattel in 1963.  These dolls came in either an auburn or two-toned blonde.   Instead of a simple pull string talker, which has limited phrases, Charmin' has small individual records that can be inserted into her side to allow her share several stories with us.  I found her lying in a heap of "junk" at an antique mall.  She was very dirty with wild hair.  She still had two records inside of her but unfortunately I cannot get her to talk anymore.   Her dress has faded (should be dark navy blue), but otherwise her outfit was original and intact.  I found some replacement glasses for her that look almost like the originals.  Now she has 20/20 vision!

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