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Mattel "Drowsy"

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  This little talking doll was so popular in the mid-60s that it remained in production (with slight variations) until the early 80s.  The early dolls have become quite collectible.  The early Drowsy dolls had vinyl hands whereas the later dolls had cloth hands.  I was told that the above non-removable, "kitty-cat" print p.j.s outfit, was one of the earliest, though the popular pink/white polka-dot outfit (shown below) is more common and recognizable.  It is a plus to find these dolls still talking.  She says things like, "I'm sleepy", "I want a drink of water", and "Kiss me goodnight."  


This is the more common version wearing the pink and white polka-dot p.j.'s.  This doll's hair is also a bit more golden blonde than the  platinum on the one above.  Both colors were used.  

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