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An Itty Bit About Me

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"Straight Leg Walker"


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Let's just say, "I was born in Ginny's Heyday!"

I chose this picture because it is one of my favorites.    I was about 3 years old and I remember specifically telling my father that I wanted to pose next to the roses.  It is one of the earliest memories I have.  I especially liked this dress.  It reminds me of a typical Ginny party dress.

Hi, I was born Karen Lee but because that is such a common name I decided to use the name Kaylee on the Internet.  I figured that when I entered chat rooms or posted on bulletin boards I wouldn't be confused with the zillions of other "Karens" out there.  Funny thing though, now that I am surfing the web, I really haven't seen that many.  Anyway, Kaylee it is.  I hope that you have had an opportunity to explore both of my web sites, and, and have found them an enjoyable experience. 

I developed Kaylee's Korner at for two reasons.   One, I wanted a site to share my dolls with other doll enthusiasts, and two, because of my love of all types of dolls, I wanted to develop an informational site that "doll people" could bookmark to use as a starting point in their search for information about dolls.  Because Ginny dolls are my favorite, I built my "decades of dolls" pages around them.   I  acquired the GINNYDOLL.COM domain name, so I have tried to incorporate both sites together.  I added a tiny Ginny link button ginbutton.JPG (3617 bytes) to each of my pages for visitors who entered DOLLINFO.COM and  want to navigate through my site and return to the GINNYDOLL.COM main page. 

I am most interested in dolls considered modern collectibles (those made after 1920) but I love all dolls.  I just don't know enough about the older antiques to consider myself knowledgeable enough about them.  I think that I am a little intimidated by them.

I always loved dolls when I was a little girl.  I didn't really have an abundance of them though.  I only had one Ginny, one Betsy McCall, one Barbie, etc. , (unlike my own daughters who had about 20 Barbies each).  I remember having several outfits for each of my dolls and playing with neighbor friends for hours.

When I reached my teenage years I remember my mother urging me to clean out my closet and give my dolls to the little neighbor girl across the street.   I reluctantly parted with most of them but I decided that I had to keep a few.   I gave away all my baby dolls but kept my "Ginny" and my Barbie.  I don't know what I was thinking though and gave away all of their clothes, keeping only one outfit each (I could just scream now!)  I put quote marks around the name "Ginny" because as I began to take up the hobby of doll collecting, I realized after closer examination that I did not have a Ginny at all, but merely one of the knockoffs (a Lucy or a Pam).  So the catalyst for my "craze" was not even an original!  (Oh, well, I've made up for it!)  She is still very special to me and holds a place of honor on my doll shelf.

My ally in doll enthusiasm is my grandma.  She would often take me to the local toy store where they had a huge case with the most beautiful dolls.   She has since given me the few that she bought in the sixties for which I am very grateful.  Unfortunately she did not have any of her own dollies from her youth, nor did my mother. (I guess the trip out west in an old Ford coupe during the Depression didn't leave much room for frivolous things). 

I began to seriously collect Ginny dolls in the mid-seventies.   I knew very little about them then and wasn't really particular about their condition or their clothing.  I continued to occasionally collect until I had my second child at which time I realized I would rather spend the money on my own children's clothing than "selfishly indulge my hobby".  Besides, the prices of the dolls were going up,  they were outrageous at $35.00!! (I only wish I could turn back time!)

Over the years they lay buried in the closet, wrapped neatly in toilet paper (a no-no).  After my oldest went away to college, my younger daughter asked me if she could see my dolls because I occasionally mentioned them and she couldn't remember what they looked like.  I dug them out and never put them back.  I decided that I would again pursue my hobby.  I got out my old doll reference books and began reminiscing with "old friends".

I have since learned that doll collecting is the second largest hobby, stamp collecting being number one.  I have broadened my interests to include many other types and sizes of dolls.  I enjoy learning about the history of dolls through reference books and old advertisements.  I go to doll shows to "get my fix".  I have recently started selling doll related items on eBay, an on-line auction site, and have met some wonderful "doll friends" through the Internet.  I've also just recently added an on-line "doll shoppe" to my website where I have several dolls and doll related items for sale.

If you've stuck with me throughout this entire profile then you are probably as "obsessed" as I about dolls.  If you have not had a chance to look through my site yet, please do.  I have lots of pages, lots of links, and hopefully enough information to keep you coming back!  Since many of my hotlinks on the main page will take you away from my site and into cyberspace to explore, I hope that you will bookmark my site as a favorite and visit back often.  My goal is to update my site frequently with added pictures and to highlight a different doll each month.  Hopefully my pages do not load too terribly slow, but this is a very visual site.   I hope the photos are worth the wait!  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or suggestions. mailboxmove.gif (15184 bytes)

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