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International Teenage Fashion Models

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         Mimi from France      Chelsea from London    Stacey from America

These 19" pose-able fashion dolls were marketed by Mattel in 1986 and produced for only a short time.  They have vinyl heads with rooted hair and painted features.  Their bodies are stockinette with wires inside so that they may be posed.  Each doll has a stitched on non-removable bra and panties.  There were five models in all, each representing a different country.  The information that I have on these is very limited.  Several separate outfits could be purchased for them.  They are all missing their shoes.  I will add more information as I gather it.  My references name them as Mimi from France, Stacey from America, Elkie from Sweden, Chelsea from London, and Zizi, from Africa.   According to one reference there were supposed to be four more added to the line in 1988.  According to that reference they were cataloged,  but they were never released.  However, I had a visitor who lives in Canada write me to say that she has two of those dolls:  Stephanie from Australia and Star from Hollywood.  Maybe they just weren't released here in the US.

Each doll has a bra and panties (could double as a bathing suit) sewn right into the body.


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